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For everyone.

If we could find a way of making new clothes from end of use clothing, rather than from virgin resources, why wouldn’t we?

Product becomes system.

Worn Again is developing a chemical textile recycling technology and closed loop resource model that will enable end of use clothes and textiles to be collected, processed and made back into new yarn, textiles and clothes again and again.

Collaborative. Systematic. Fair.

Business as usual is not an option. Radical and transformative business models and attitudes are required to turn the problem of textile waste into an opportunity and solution.

Worn Again work collaboratively with pioneering partners across the global textile industry and help create the potential for global abundance, for everyone, forever through genuinely closed loop technology and systems development.

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History. People. Partners.

Worn Again has a unique trail-blazing heritage. Starting with footwear made from recycled materials in 2005, we have continuously sought out bigger, better solutions to the challenges of textile waste.

This led us from footwear into the ‘upcycling’ of corporate textiles, turning waste materials like end of use uniforms into desirable products such as hand bags from Virgin Atlantic airline seat covers and Train Manager’s bags for Eurostar’s staff. But this still wasn’t enough by itself.

Worn Again is working with TWI on its technology development and collaborating with industry development partners. Look out for breaking news in 2014.

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